About Us

Welcome on SPANTON company’s website.

Our Company was based on 15-years of personal experience in printing industry.
We specialize in printing standard envelopes and also in production of non-standard envelopes.

We have specialist printing and bookbinding equipment, intended for the production of envelopes with offset printings.

Thanks to the innovative solutions, we can offer favorable deadlines for the completion of your order and attractive prices terms and rates. We execute orders for printing envelopes starting from 1000 pcs.

Our clients are the companies of many different trades. We supply them with printed envelopes,  clean envelopes, bubble envelopes, expandable envelopes , envelopes for calendars and many more.

Not standard envelopes are the novelty on the market : size, printing, paper, etc. 

Printing on standard envelopes is not able to meet all the expectations related to the type, graphics and design of the envelope. Production technology and equipment that we have, enables us rapid implementation of the production of envelopes with the most complex and modern graphic designs.

Additionally, we make standard sheet-fed in digital and offset printing. 

We are looking forward to cooperate with you!